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Frequently asked questions

This is a list of questions that our clients ask on a frequent basis, so we answered them to make things clear for you

why are your prices so high?

Our prices are a reflection of the value we provide, the experience we have to get the job done right, use of expensive tools and capital, and our company's reputation.

Are you guys a car wash?

Nope, we're a detailing studio. we specialize in restoring and protecting your cars beauty. you go to a $20 automated carwash and let it put swirl marks in your paint and use a weak vacuum on your interior, or you can let us use specialized tools and processes to get your vehicle as clean as possible while preventing or fixing damage.

Will you guys come to my location?

WE specialize in mobile detailing, which means we come to your desired location and clean your vehicle there. if you're wondering if you're within our service area, you can check our locations page.

Do you charge a transportation fee?

WE might charge a transportation fee if you need us to come somewhere more than 30 minutes from one of our main studios and are requesting less than $300 in services. this really depends on the services requested and the distance we need to travel. we'll be sure to let you know of any transportation fees in your quote. 

how do down deposits work?

If you request over $299 in services, we may ask you to make a down deposit to schedule. This deposit is non-refundable and goes towards the cost of your service. we ask for this deposit to prevent people from canceling their appointment, because when people cancel, we lose money and working time.

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