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Scheduling and quotes

your car is so excited. it's on the verge of being sparkly clean again. all that's left is to call and make it official. read below for instructions

WHat to know

WHat to ask

Your budget


VEHICLE TRIM (cloth or leather)

services desired (add-ons)

location desired

have pictures to text

How long will it take?

do you recommend any add-ons?

Will you require water?

Will you require electricity?

can you get this kind of stain out?

will there be a transport fee?

WHat to expect

Whether you plan to call, text or email, here's how you can expect the exchange to go. we will ask for your vehicle model, the trim level, and the services requested. we will then ask how dirty the vehicle is and likely ask for a picture or two if you are capable of providing one. next we'll ask if you have any questions pertaining to our services, pricing, or methodology. if you're happy with your quote, we'll get you scheduled and we may ask for a down deposit if it's a large job, lastly, you'll sit back and smile while you eagerly await your appointment. we'll send reminders as the date and time approaches so that you can bask in the anticipation. 

When you're ready

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