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This Interior detailing menu has all the information you need to design your own interior package, estimate pricing, and determine what services you may need or want. Below you'll learn about the base package, available add-ons, alle cart services, and how our pricing works. if you still have questions or concerns, head over to our contact page

Start with the basic package, and choose add-ons, or check out the a la carte section for one-off services

basic interior package


rec every 1 - 2 months 

 Time - 2 to 4 hours 

This package is the starting point for an interior detail. it includes everything required for a basic maintenance cleaning and is enough to restore most vehicles to a like-new condition. Start here and select add-ons as needed.

What's included in this package

Full blowout and vacuum

Using a 150 PSI vortex cannon and a 6-horsepower vacuum, we ensure no solid grime is left on your seat or in your footwells.

Hard surface cleaning

Not just a wipe down. we use high concentrations of special foaming surfactants, detailing brushes, and compressed air to leave all the hard surfaces in your car spotless, with a matte factory finish.

Dedicated leather cleaning

we use specially formulated leather cleaners and horse-hair brushes to ensure your leather gets as clean as possible without removing factory dyes and without drying the leather out. 

Door Jamb Cleaning

AN often overlooked area, the door jambs rarely get cleaned in a conventional car wash. we use synthetic, soft bristle brushes to clean this area while avoiding scratching the painted surface. 

Pricing structure

Pricing for this package is based on vehicle size, types of contaminants, rows of seating, and how dirty the vehicle is. for a quote, check out scheduling 

Roadsters, Compacts, Sedans, hatchbacks, coupes.


2-row SUv's, Crew cab trucks,



3-row SUV's, large trucks, Large SUV's, vans


Starts at $100

Starts at $150

Starts at $175-$200

*vehicles deemed to be heavily soiled or disaster details will incur additional fees*

**vehicles with excessive or tough to remove pet hair will be charged a pet hair fee of $25 - $75**

***vehicle classes can vary, and some cars may qualify for a lower starting price based on actual size***

We're working on creating a video to demonstrate the interior package and add-ons. in the mean time, check out our instagram or tiktok to see some of our work!

Interior add-ons

 [deeper cleaning / protection] 

rec every 3 months 

 Time - Up t0 1 hour each 

These add-ons are additional services that your vehicle might benefit from, and we might recommend. You can choose these when you schedule, during your pre-service inspection, or even after your service. we'll only recommend add-ons if we feel they are necessary or would be worth performing on your vehicle. 

Available add-ons

interior sealant ($50 - $100)

Every hard surface is coated in a water based, graphene infused sealant that deepens the color of the trim, adds anti-static properties, and protects against UV. this help moisturize your plastics and keep them cleaner for longer.

Leather Conditioning ($50 - $100)

All leather surfaces get a high-grade leather conditioner massaged into them. this rehydrates the leather, leading to a more supple feel, while also preventing future damage / cracking. this also returns leather to a matte finish such as it came from the factory.

Extraction services ($25 per area)

This is a really wide category. extraction consists of applying a surfactant to a soft surface, agitating the area, and extracting the surfactant liquid and encapsulated particles. this pulls hidden dirt, bacteria, and debris out of soft surfaces. *an "area" consists of a singular seat, footwell, or floor mat*

Stain removal ($???)

Stain removal is often a lengthy process that requires very specific and unique approach. please contact us or call for a quote on stain removal. be prepared to send pictures. 

Headliner cleaning ($20 - $50)

Headliners require special treatments so as to not dissolve the glue that holds them up. we use an encapsulating cleaner to remove stains, bacteria, and odor. 

Steam cleaning / disinfecting ($50 - $100)

We use super-heated steam on all hard and soft surfaces as well as a disinfecting solution to remove 99.9% of all viral and bacterial sources. this is a great add-on for flu season or if you were recently sick.

Pricing structure

Pricing for add-ons varies between different vehicle sizes and different vehicle needs. to get accurate pricing and recommendations, ask for a quote.

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